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Redistribution Under the ACA is Modest in Scope (Policy Briefs/Timely Analysis of Health Policy Issues)
Stan Dorn, Bowen Garrett, John Holahan
Date: February 14, 2014Availability: HTML | PDF

Grading a Physician's Value - The Misapplication of Performance Measurement (Commentary)
Robert A. Berenson
Date: November 28, 2013Availability: HTML

Using Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) to Study Patient-Centered Medical Homes (Research Report)
Kelly J. Devers, Nicole Cafarella Lallemand, Rachel A. Burton, Stephen Zuckerman, Additional Authors
Date: September 13, 2013Availability: HTML | PDF

Doing Better by Doing Less: Approaches to Tackle Overuse of Services (Research Report)
Robert A. Berenson, Elizabeth Docteur
Date: January 15, 2013Availability: HTML | PDF

Will the 2012 Presidential Election Change Health Care? (Research Report)
Robert A. Berenson
Date: October 31, 2012Availability: HTML

Health Policy Brief: Improving Care Transitions (Policy Briefs)
Rachel A. Burton
Date: September 13, 2012Availability: HTML

Impacts of a revised payment system for SNFs (Research Report)
Douglas A. Wissoker, Stephen Zuckerman
Date: April 27, 2012Availability: HTML

The Value of Clinical Practice Guidelines as Malpractice "Safe Harbors" (Policy Briefs/Timely Analysis of Health Policy Issues)
Randall R. Bovbjerg, Robert A. Berenson
Date: March 31, 2012Availability: HTML | PDF

Will the Affordable Care Act Move Patient-Centeredness to Center Stage? (Policy Briefs/Timely Analysis of Health Policy Issues)
Michael L. Millenson, Juliana Macri
Date: March 19, 2012Availability: HTML | PDF

Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition Tools: A Comparison of Ten Surveys' Content and Operational Details (Research Report)
Rachel A. Burton, Kelly J. Devers, Robert A. Berenson
Date: March 01, 2012Availability: HTML | PDF

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